Sunday, December 17, 2006

Behold the power of monkey cake

Sugar alone cannot shake a mom to the core of her being.

Neither will scientific minded simians nor a gaggle of Lego-eyed, cavern-building, pint-sized party guests.

Getting more presents than we can possibly store?

Nope. That doesn't frighten me.

Fewer naps?

Scary, but we'll manage.

But Ittybit turning three tomorrow?

That will do it. I am officially a puddle.

Happy just-about-birthday, babyofmine.




stefanierj said...

ooooh congrats, Ittybit. I can't even imagine 3!! What a wonderful 3 years it's been, though, by all accounts. :)

toyfoto said...

I have to just say this: After the party was over and we were getting ready for bed, Annabel started crying. She doesn't want to be three, she wants to be two.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Annabel!

Hopefully she'll realize that three feels the same as two. Hopefully I'll realize that thirty feels the same as twenty nine.

scribbit said...

Fabulous pictures.

Firestarter5 said...


Uncle Fire

Kcoz said...

Now that I have it figured out… how to post in the NEW beta.

Happy birthday Annabel

Being a #3 is better than being a #2… think about it.