Monday, December 18, 2006

Congratulate me. ...

I am officially the WORST parent on the East Coast.



Uhm ... Siobhan? This is Lori. Today was supposed to be Annabel's SPECIAL DAY at School, you know, because of it being her birthday and all today? They showed me your name on the calendar.

Oh ... shhhhhhhhhhhh T!

It's ok. Don't feel bad. They said you can switch and have her Special Day Wednesday.

Wait. I'll call Jed. Maybe he can get there with the left-over goldfish from the party.

And Jed is the BEST parent on the East Coast



Jed, are you busy? It's Annabel's special day today and I NEVER looked at the Calendar. Ok. I looked at the calendar but I was looking through the Wednesdays, since I typically DO Wednesdays. And now our kid is ALONE on her special day. And. It's. All. My. Fault.


Yes. Now.

OK. What will I bring for a snack?

There's a whole truckload of Goldfish upstairs.

I think I'm going to go cry now.


BlogWhore said...

Deep breath. You're doing fine. Breath again. She'll forget it before she turns 18 and you'll have to find something else to blame yourself for.

stefanierj said...

Ooooh, I'm so sorry this happened. Does it make you feel any better that on the rare event that D's teachers see me, they barely recognize me?

Hang in there...

Andrea said...

It's completely unintentional. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can. Breathe You can always do something else special for her tonight or tomorrow just so she knows you didn't mean to leave her alone on her special day.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Don't feel too badly :-( I did the same thing when my son turned three. He started preschool late, and so I missed the all the pre, pre-school orientations. I had NO idea I was supposed to bring cupcakes or treats on his birthday, and the teacher never mentioned it or reminded me. So Jacob got to blow out a candle on a fake plastic birthday cake. How disappointing is that? She didn't even call me to ask if I might be able to make a mad dash to the store and come in. He's five now and incidently thinks I am the BEST mom ever. Don't sweat it too much :-)

toyfoto said...

It's nice of you all to try an console me.

Melissa, I have to say I did NOT miss the orientation in which I was informed that we would be aiding in the classroom on her birthday. I also wish I could say I NEVER got the December calendar that included our name and the date. But

Did I comprehend any of this is a meaningful way? NO.

Rest assured, though, I'm not going to harbor this guilt for long. I'm just noting it "for the record."