Sunday, December 24, 2006

More than a man

The festivities have begun. Santa has gotten three letters from Ittybit. All of them slightly different.

In the first she asked for presents for other people. She wanted a pear for me, a truck for daddy and bones for the dogs.

The second letter is largely a mystery since she wrote it with Lori and had is sealed and addressed so that Papa could pop it directly into the mail box (which he did as a dutiful grandpa, right after he affixed a stamp). All we know is that there was something purple, possibly a doll.

With Ama the request was for purple clothes and ice skates. It is now my firm belief that she wants things that the furry woodland creatures in her storybooks are getting under their tree.

Santa is coming tonight. Now I have it on good authority what he's going to be brining, however there is another santa. One with a beard and red suit, who will be trapsing up our stairs bearing a wee gift; and I have no idea what it will be. See my town has a Santa Claus Club that has been in operation since World War II.

The businessmen of the town collect funds all year long for the sole purpose of visiting every single child who resides here and bring them a small gift on Christmas Eve. It all comes from a time when Christmas was harder. When fathers were overseas, fighting a war; when sugar was rationed and money was scarce. When we had an ethic about war that was anything but "go on with business as usual."

This will be the first year Santa actually visits our house (the last two years we were traveling during the holidays, and I worried the Jolly Old Elf would just make her cry). I also worried about need. As is we are fortunate enough to have more than we need. Yet, Santa's visit isn't about that anymore. Most of the men are home, setting up the trees and putting up the lights.
It's about tradition of a town; and it's love of Christmas.


Julie K in Taiwan said...

How precious that she was asking for other people first. And that's a lovely town tradition. Merry Christmas to you!

This is my third time to try and post on your blog, hope it works. I think it has to do with the Chinese interface that I have to muddle through....

kimmyk said...

Merry Christmas to you and your precious family Toyfoto!

Firestarter5 said...

Merry Christmas Annabel and the rest of your family!

wordgirl said...

Loved your card! I hope everything went swimmingly this Christmas!

Kcoz said...

I seen the picture of Annabel and her new painting set… WOW! That is one nice little creative art center she has there and it looks like she is enjoying it. Looks like most of one’s illustrating needs and mediums are covered, colored markers, colored pencils and of course the water colors for mixing her own color blends. I took some watercolor classes at the Ray Collage of Design years ago and they expressed the importance of the paper used… it makes a world of difference. I would imagine you are planning on saving some of her Ittybit art so it would be worth the small expense and effort to pick up a Strathmore watercolor paper book. The paper is heaver and has a little more tooth to it and works well with the markers as well. The paintings won’t look all wrinkled when she is finished, perfect for framing the paintings she will want to look at when she is older.

How did the visit from the town Santa work out?

If she was not intimidated by him I’m betting she tried to negotiate some extension time on giving up her binky… She’s a smart one your Ittybit.

ECR said...

Now that is an awesome tradition. I know a lot of towns are too big for such a program, but it would work well on a neighborhood/sectional basis as well. I love hearing these stories of community. Merry belated Christmas to Ittybit and all her pieces!