Friday, June 29, 2007

And baby makes ...

I'm sure you are all interested to know how Annabel is doing with her shift from center of the universe to an orbiting planet.

In my way of thinking it's been nothing short of miraculous.

So many things about the transition have astounded me. Since we returned home from the hospital Annabel has not asked to sleep in our room, even though she knows the baby does.

There's been no jealousy directed at the baby. She doesn't begrudge the fact that he's pretty much lounging around on me morning, noon and night. She doesn't demand that I put the baby down, other than to be "helpful." Mostly she tells me I need to nurse him ... and she more than helpfully tells me which breast I should use.

There have been outbursts though. More testing behaviors for us. More tantrums, fits and starts. More refusals to do as asked. She's forgetting some of her polite ways. But for the most part, it's all been directed toward us.

With Silas, she's as loving and tender as a loving and tender big sister can be.

Yeah, she did accidentally smack him on the head already, but she was very sorry. She said so over and over and over again and promised to be more careful in the future.

Of course the biggest dissappointment for her thus far happened when Maddy dog licked her "kissing spot" located on the back of the baby's head. We found a new place for her -- and her alone -- to kiss, and now we're doing just fine.

I imagine things will swim along like this for a while, at least until he starts trying to touch her stuff.


mamatulip said...

I'm sorry I'm so late with my congratulations! Silas is beautiful and I LOVE his name!

You know, when Oliver came, Julia was the exact same way. For about two weeks she had outbursts, but they were always directed at us -- never at Oliver.


Gail said...

He'll know who's boss, that's fer sure.

wordgirl said...

It's great that she's bonding with Silas already...and that she's flexible about finding a new kissing spot.

bella said...

This picture is stunning!
Here's hoping for a continued smooth transition.

the mad momma said...

What a beautiful pic.. left a comment on the other blog, asking for pics.. adn then turned up here and found them.. he is absolutely gorgeous.. as is Annabel

Nicole said...

these kids are pretty good at blowing our minds, huh? so sweet.