Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The big squeeze

Lunchtime walks, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

We interupt this "Baby Book Gone Wrong" to send the following message: Hell has frozen over.

The home fires and work flame have intersected, at least for the moment. It seems I'm getting whatever the opposite of DOOCED would be. ... perhaps we shall call it JUICED.

The newspaper where I work is trying to find its niche online and is asking me - apparently the only blogger in the office - to try and jumpstart them into the 21th century by getting reporters up to speed on what it means to keep a Web blog, not to mention get our Web site all decked out to show all these inner monologs off.

As a bumbling idiot myself when it comes to the nuts and bolts of computing (for all I know a squirrel on a wheel really does run things inside the whirring black box that sits on my desk), I've finally figured out how the twain shall meet technically if not thematically.

It's going to feel a little like walking uphill for a while though. Maybe I'll have to institute a Bring Your Kids (and Dog) To Work day once a week you know for laughs at the damage they can cause just to bring the whole mixing of lives thing full circle.

... Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Aha! I stand by my earlier prediction:

Andrea said...

Oh, this is awesome! In an environment that you admitted appeared to be shrinking around you, to be needed and given a big project has to feel rewarding!

wordgirl said...

You know...I'd love it if that happened to me. I'm so thrilled for you! Yay for your paper!

Binky said...

I love it when blogging opens doors to the outside world. Makes the ridiculous amount of time we put into it seem even more worthwhile. Good luck on the well-deserved position.

toyfoto said...

You guys are all really positive thinkers, aren't ya? Seriously, this is just going to open up my thoughts to a local audience of people who might see me on the street. ... and it's probably only going to net me a dozen more readers at that ... so. ... yeah. Nevermind.