Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunshiny day

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I am miserable.


I have a cold. The kind that gives you a mildly scratchy throat for a few days, mild enough so that it also gives you false hopes that you can beat it.

Three days later your head feels like an overinflated tire and your nose leaks.
Ordinarily you'd spend the day in bed. Sleeping.

It is, after all, a Saturday.

If it were raining, you would be justified in staying indoors. Keeping a low profile.

But it's not raining. It's unusually hot for October and the kid is begging you to go to the playground so she can run around hoping to impress the "older" kids with her irresistable giggles.

Like I said to Jed: I can feel miserable at home in front of the TV or I can feel miserable at the park with this goofy little thrill seeker, who spent a joyful half hour spinning in the swings going "super, super fast."

Yet I was feeling punky. And I decided to leave half the family in the park and walk home, at which time I noticed a delivery truck parked in the middle of the road in that tell-tale "Which House Am I Looking For?" stance.

It was the chest I bought for Silas' room.

And I am reminded, yet again, life is good.

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