Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just keep swimming

pool, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Papa's been taking Annabel to swim lessons at the Y. It's been quite an experience for them, to be sure.

However, this week Papa had to have a minor medical procedure and wasn't able to get into the pool with her. So while he held the baby I got a good horrifying look at myself in my favorite swimsuit and had to figure out a way to get from the locker room to the pool without a cloak of invisibility.

The trip from the dressing room to the pool was worth the embarassment, though, once the water was hiding all my insecuries.

With a life preserver strapped around her waist, Ittybit kicked her way from one end of the pool to the other. All by herself. It was something to see.

When she noticed me swimming alongside of her she stopped and wondered aloud: "Mom, who's holding me up?"

"Well the floatation device is holding you up, but you're swimming all by yourself."

It's such a shame all the warm fuzzy feelings evaporated when we had to emerge from the tepid water and make our way back to the changing room.

"MOM! You're LEAKING!"

Can't wait for next week. I just hope Papa's all healed.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

Dare I ask ... leaking from where? hehe