Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I suppose it could have been yesterday

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... her dental appointment, that is.

I could have been trying to keep Annabel from harassing the reporters and making the city editor play fetch on the day we all sat dumbfounded in front of the television; watching slack jawed as the talking heads spun eight different webs of potential deceit around the governor himself.

Today was relatively easy ... All I had to do was explain the words governor, prostitution and resignation to a four-year-old.

She's remarkably adept at getting the general idea:

HER: "Does that mean he's going be fired and he won't be able to go home?"

ME: "Not exactly. But it may mean he has to quit and all he'll be able to do is go home."

HER: "No. He's fired"


a. beaverhausen said...

When that stuff happens to a Republican (as it has so often in recent times) I giggle a little to myself. When it happens to a Democrat I just get pissed off.

Xdm said...

He is SOOO fired. And btw. $4,300? For about an hour's worth of work? Hoe did my guidance counselor steer me so wrong?