Friday, March 14, 2008

What's on tap this weekend?

babes everywhere, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

My not-so-imaginary friends - Jane and Jenny, above ...

and Diana below ...

you know what this means ... right?

are coming out for a mini-meet up at our soon to be less humble abode. You read right, friends: Jed has hired someone to work on the house, and a small portion of the reconstruction is taking place, coincidentally, in time for their arrival Saturday.

Sooooo. There will be replacement windows replaced; trim, trimmed; there will be endcaps where there were no endcaps previously; there will be clean sheets and fresh paint. In other words, there will be an oh-so-infantessimal sense of finish.

And in addition, there will be imbibing. Oh yes, there will be adult beverages consumed. (Except for Diana, who is currently growing a human)! She will be drinking mocktails and taking pictures of us acting silly.

Oh yes, there will be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Stay tuned. ...


Kelly said...

I am recommending cocktails made with Pom. Not that I've had any of those yummy drinks lately, nosiree!

Sounds like fun!!

a. beaverhausen said...

How I wish I lived closer. I have no babies anymore, but I'd hold one so that someone else could get both hands around a martini. Just saying.

Leeanthro said...

Adorable robot clothes on those babies!

We never hire anything out. (The one time we did we thought we were going to have to go to court.) It sucks. See my post this morning/last night about having no water.

I had to go to work with a baseball cap on this morning!