Wednesday, March 05, 2008

There was a time when I liked Saturday Night Live

mickey mouse clubhouse, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

It was way back when they aired "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey.

This one always stuck in my mind.

So it was with a little bit of serendipity that I stumbled upon this scene and made this image last summer at The Pocketbook Factory in Hudson.

Having children really hasn't changed me. Oh, how I love thinking of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as a burnt-out warehouse.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am completely and totally disillusioned with myself. I am constantly struggling between shameless self promotion and trying to be a pure and legitimate historian for the people I think of as my ittybits.

Deep thoughts, mine anyway, never seem quite deep enough or funny enough. Yet, still, I plunder onward seeking any form of recognition. I doesn't matter how slight. When it doesn't materialize I just keep telling myself that most of what I do has no real value to the world atlarge.

I make pictures. Family pictures. Pictures that in my sleepy stupor I sometimes convince myself others might actually want to buy. People have been known. ...

Lord knows, I'm not above selling them. Or even giving them away from time to time.

As it tends to do, my ego creeps back and sits like a tiny red devil on my shoulder, allowing me to rationalize the following senario:

Being guilty of spending WAY too many of my sleepless hours and countless dollars on etsy shops, why not throw EVEN MORE time in to see if etsy would toss some back. Even if it's a lost cause, at least it gives me something to do besides spending money.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the new look, which may not be so new but is new for me. It's like you flung everything open. Good luck on the money thing. It does help to ask for it. Of course, that requires permission.

supa said...

you are eight kinds of fabulous. you do good work, and you do important work.