Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Toothsome and then some

tongue is out, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Oh wee! Doesn't it fly, time?

One day mashes into another, and before you know it your kids have gone from saying "goo and ga," to full sentences and, eventually, dissertations.

The big one regales us with her finely honed knowledge of where it was we last put down our car keys while explaining to everyone else how "only one of her books has an epilogue."

Luckily, I was able to convince her not to throw out the library in her closet by shrewed techniques of psychological deception. ...

"WHAT A RELIEF," I said, mopping my brow. "I'm so glad that ONLY one of your books is of any value because it has an epilogue. Now that we only have to read that ONE book bedtime will be much more time efficient!"

Not to be outdone, the baby grows up overnight, too. The last time we blinked he went from being unable to coordinate his left and right knees - alternating patterns forward - to being unable to stop his forward momentum. He's become a whirling dervish. Whether performing a seated circle to turn himself around in all directions or steamrolling his way forward - head down and determined - there is no stopping him.

He's decided that the pureed foods I've been making are for babies and demands only things he can eat with his fingers. He giggles at me when I tickle his hammy legs and riblety middle. He sticks his tongue out in constant concentration.

I got him to smile and giggle when I checked for teeth today. Teeth that, at eight months, I still can't see but are nonetheless cutting through the gums. Just one more milestone that will pass in this wait, wait-hurry, hurry way.

Soon his toothless grin will be gone.

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