Thursday, March 06, 2008

The trouble bubble

Mom ... this isn't so hard, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

The babysitter was sick today. YAHOOOO! Poor thing.

I'm not glad she feels punky or anything, but when she's out of commission it means Silas is my copilot. And that IS kinda fun. Granted, this was not the easiest of all days to have to switch gears, what with stress piling up over all these magazines and weekend advance work deadlining concurrently and all.

On the way to the office I worried that it was going to be mightily unproductive to have a baby crawling around underfoot. He was sleeping in the car so that could only mean he would not sleep in the newsroom. Not a wink.

Who could sleep where all the action is? *chuckles.*

There's the clicking of keyboards.
The ringing of phones.
The whirring of printers.
The squawking of scanners.
Not to mention the passing by of people jonesing for a cute baby fix. ... or those who just want to hang out in the "Zoo."

The thing I am most pleased to report ... besides the fact that I was able to get most of my work done in a reasonable manner ... is that the boy is IN LOVE with the recycling box. Now if we could only harness this interest at home where we can't seem to manage taking our own recycling out to the curb before the pile reaches the ceiling. Ah ... someday.


Gail said...

I would babysit the munchkin ANY day of the week. Now, if only it didn't take 7 hours to get there...

Leeanthro said...

I took my almost 10 month old to work last week. In the past he's been able to settle down and take a nap. But he wouldn't. I put him in the pack n play for a little freedom of movement (the floors of our old building are disgusting), but he wasn't used to it and wanted out. I ended up taking him home and coming back alone after lunchtime. I let him crawl down the long hallway-man is he fast- and he was covered in filth in the end (please don't put your hands in your mouth).

Several women have brought in their babies day in and day out until they were well over 1. I guess if that's what they are used to then they will settle in.

Maybe I need a fence like you look like you have. A thick blanket underfoot. And oh, that keyboard looks like fun!

He can occupy himself for an hour at home, but it's his own environment with lots of freedom.