Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love the rain

I do. I love it.

I love the way it shines against the sky and reflects the soft clouds with a hard edge.

I love the way it falls in fat droplets onto thirsty ground.

I love when it changes the landscape, momentarily and without malice: I love discovering pools of water to splash in where none had been before.

I love the way it taps at the roof; sometimes insistently.

I do NOT love the way it finds its way through the cracks and crevices of the new house, however. Drips forming on door jams. Threatening stains on the new walls. I do NOT like it.





Kcoz said...

WOW...that's a drag! Where is it leaking? Chimney flashing??
Your going to rune all that new drywall if it is not repaired soon...sorry to rain on your parade.


toyfoto said...

Yeah ... he's tired of me telling him that ... apparently saved fixing the roof for later so's he could do more insulating, too.

He was up there today, thinks it's backup from some shingles in the gutters.

Kelly said...

Yeah. Water can be so beautiful, and then insanely destructive. Hope you find the source...