Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The only thing missing from the new house is Marlin Perkins

muledeer, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Otherwise this place may very well BE the wild kingdom.


ME: Hello?

HIM: OH. MY. GOD! Do you have a minute? I have to tell you what just happened to me. ... I saw a hawk fly over with a gopher in its claws. ... But it dropped him and he scampered away.

ME: I hope he's not moving in with the rest of the gang.

HIM: I know. ... me too. ... and that's not ALL! After that I was ATTACKED by two of the cutest little baby deer you have ever seen.

ME: Attacked? Were they rabid or something?

HIM: No, no. They were just two little fawns who mistook me for their mother for a second.

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Kelly said...

Lucky gopher.