Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh me of inferior blogging

Stacy, the lovely and talented mind behind Apathy Lounge, wrote a delightful and thought-provoking reminiscence into junk drawers past and present. And I SOoooooo wanted to comment there. But it would seem I'm totally and irredeemably unable to master the art of logging into Typepad.

*Shakes head in shame*

I then tried to e-mail her directly, which I usually do in times of my technological malfunctions, but I couldn't manage to find her e-mail address either.

I did say irredeemably, right?

*More shame shaking*

Instead, I will offer you the *comment* I had hoped to leave for her:

I happen to know I had four pairs of scissors (why can I never find them?); bits of leftover ribbon; a compass; four birthday candles; seven product information booklets, including three booklets for appliances we no long own; three marbles; two Playmobil figures, scuba dude and zoo keeper; two packages of batteries; an old Nalgene bottle filled with corks; the top half of a Hello Kitty plastic egg; four glue sticks; two packages of some longevity chemical for cut flowers; two rubber bands; six pencils; one pen; two reusable produce bags, one mesh the other muslin; theater ticket stubs; a postcard from France; and a Buyus Funeral Home ash tray, which I'm considering using as a soap dish in the downstairs bathroom.

I know this because I packed the junk in a reusable grocery tote and moved it to the new house, where it has become painfully obvious that the new kitchen has one fewer drawer.

Now I have to find a drawer for my junk.

Now. Go snoop through Stacy's junk drawer, she's got a choice of cake or pie for you, too.

Which reminds me: "Pie."

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