Monday, July 20, 2009

Seven van loads, 100 trips up and down the stairs, delivery pizza at 10 p.m. ...

And the CHAMP asks: Go home now?

JED: We are home, bud. THIS is our home now.

CHAMP: No! Go home NOW!


Kcoz said...

Maybe in six months you will know where everything is again!

Don't ya just love moving?

Anonymous said...

poor thing! House looks great though.

Kelly said...

Oh, those floors! Hannah was barely 4, and Lil was 20 months or so when we moved. It was a bit of an adjustment for them, indeed.

They'll get used to it though, quickly.

But I love it. "No, go home now!"

toyfoto said...

I think the dog is actually having the hardest time adjusting now. I've been taking her back to the old house to spend the day while I'm at work. Have no idea how we'll manage with new neighbors that don't really like animals and a dog that now barks incessantly when we're not around.

And. ... silas' understanding of what's happening ASTOUNDS me. He still want's to go home but now he calls home "Joe's House." (Joe is Jed's employee, who is moving in next week.)