Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer Reading Club

annabel's reading

Our library (and most likely your library, too) has an elaborate summer reading program for all ages. There are prizes galore for kids who read or are read to every day througout the summer.

Because of this, Ittybit and Champ (by imitation) are taking their books VERY SERIOUSLY.

So seriously, in fact, that this morning when I went into Ittybit's room to investigate why they were being so quiet, I was told in no uncertain terms by the toddler that I was invading their good time.

"Ah-BELL read me. GO! mama."

Of course, that's when I saw the book on top of the stack of "to read nexts" was this photographic joke book someone *ahem* gave me for Christmas.

No wonder they wanted me to leave them alone: Kids are never too young to riducle the parental units.

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Kcoz said...

Silas certainly enjoys being around his big sister. I'm sure all the times she slept next to him when he was tiny and other attentions have caused a very strong bond for him.