Friday, March 19, 2010

Craftacular Friday has eggs, toast and bacon ... it just needs more caffeine

We started with these ingredients …

breakfast (in bed pillow) colors

and these …

toast and butter

Then we did a little slicing … a little dicing … a touch of toasting (not to mention basting, gluing and sewing). Even one of Jed’s favorite jerseys took one for the team.

bacon strips breakfast in bed pillow - ala carte toast 'n butter

And we wound up with a pillow almost good enough to eat.


It's all in Betz White's book "Warm Fuzzies" (that we borrowed from, and is probably overdue at, the library).

It wasn't a difficult project, but it did take time to collect the materials and assemble them. Normally I have enough sweaters my husband has accidentally shrunk to feed beds across America. But I had *just* sent a load off to charity rather than have a weepy reminder of the beautiful white wool cardigan that now wasn't big enough to fit the cat. (It would have been perfect for the eggs).

Where was I? Oh yes. Easy. ... The book offers templates, but the shapes are so basic I just cut them out by hand.

I even figured out the pattern for the strawberry was just a uppercase "B" without the holes.

B for strawberry

Too bad I forgot to sew them to the pillow.

Still, Ittybit declared the Breakfast in Bed pillow good enough to eat.

And I swear it really wasn't that difficult. She even helped sew and snip.

Truly the hardest part was listening to her tell the woman at the cash register in Goodwill that all the sweaters we were buying were for a project ...

All execpt the red striped one. ...

"Mom thinks that one is pretty. She's going to wear it so she can look like bacon."

**Also ... a winner has been chosen to receive my copy of The Handmade Marketplace. Mamma Pie you are the winner. e-mail me your mailing info and expect a parcel in a few days.

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Martha said...

You are my hero. That pillow is the coolest thing ever!!!