Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Craftacular has an easy way to get a little more fiber into your kids' pretend diet

finished cupcake pin cushion


Ok ... so I snuck away from the craft books in the children's section of the library because the instructions were confusing me and I found THIS wedged between cooking and gardening.

I started salivating. I checked out the book by Betz White (and paid the $28 in fines we owed from the prior week) before I even read the instructions.

Turns out it's all about crafting with felted SWEATERS, which would have been perfect for me since I end up donating all the sweaters Jed accidentally washes and dries to Goodwill. But my color choices lean toward bland. So I'm already forced to improvise.

* a couple of sheets of craft felt
* a scrap of wide wale corduroy
* Some thread or embroidery floss
* and some glue.

* a pom-pom
* tiny buttons
* rick rack
* beads
* a bakery cupcake to keep you from overindulging in felt


1. Fold felt rectangle lengthwise

Cut a length of felt twice as wide as you envision the height of your cupcake. Cut another strip in a different color.

2. Layer two folded felts ....

Fold the felt in half, sandwich together.

Next project .... 56/365

Roll tightly and baste stitch the end flap.


Cut a strip of the scrap corduroy so that it will fit around the rolled felt. (You can also use the cuff of a felted sweater.) Fold right-side in and sew the end. Fit the sleeve over the cupcake. Trim to fit the bottom edge if it doesn't already. I salvaged my piece of corduroy from a skirt that already had a frayed edge.


Slather glue on the bottom of the cake.


Press a square of felt (or corduroy) to the bottom and trim around the edge. I also blanket stiched around the edge with embroidery floss of a matching color.


Then the kid gussied it up with pom-poms, rick rack and straight pins.

"fiber" cupcake

Make a few more, leave out the straight pins and your kids can really play with their food.

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northpolemama said...

I'm in love with this! I'm so glad you posted instructions, I'm filing this away until a perfect opportunity for pretend food pops up! Then "Presto!"