Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Question Thursday hijacks Wednesday and takes it for a joyride

How do you know spring has sprung in your little corner of the universe?

First plasma car of spring

We know it by the first Plasma Car sighting.


kblanz said...

Frogs and kids in the creeks and, of course, the first bucket filled with muck and one scared crawdad.

toyfoto said...

I'd love to see a picture of one scared crawdad in a bucket of muck.
*also sounds like an excellent name for a band.

christine said...

The water in the backyard ice rink is starting to grow green algae... and instead of skates by the door, it's bike helmets.... Yay, spring!

Cara said...

When the mud is so deep it crests over the top of the mudboots and you really need to yank on the handles to release your child from Mother Earth (admittedly after a brief hesitation)

toyfoto said...

I love your description, Cara.

I wonder if Mother Earth ever needs an epidural or asks for a push prize.