Monday, March 22, 2010

Why do they even listen to me? They know I know not of what I speak



ME: "What's going on."

HIM: "I'm finally getting around to putting the knocker on the door. ... the only problem is it's going to have to go to the left or the right because the center panel isn't wide enough for the bolts. ... Which do you like better?"

ME: "Uh ... neither really. What about centering it on the lower panel?"

HIM: "I suppose it would look stately ... but it's a knocker. Knockers shouldn't be so low."

ME: "Hey, gravity affects everyone. This is an old house. ... My vote is for symetry."

HIM: "OK ... Gravity it is."


ITTYBIT: "Hey ... what are you doing?

HIM: "Installing a knocker."

"It looks weird."

HIM: "Talk to your mother."


Kelly @ Student of the year said...

As the owner of an old house, I understand how these things can become difficult!

Mamma Pie said...

I got my book from you today. It is so perfect for where I am right now in my crafting life. So thank you.
I love the white doorknob by the way. Is it glass or just...white?

toyfoto said...

I'm glad you got the book and you can use the info. I really liked how they laid it out.

And the knob is really old. I think it might be glass, but I'm not sure.