Friday, February 17, 2006

It's the mommy chair

It is the job of every single toddler on this planet to make sure that their parents are adequately challenged while doing exercises. (Pay for this kidlet activity is lots of zerberts and loud, sloppy kisses). Our Sunday yoga classes have become interesting these days. In addition to having to be within arms reach of the collar of my shirt at all times, Annabel also has to sit on me. ... hense, floor poses are all she will allow.
I am a bit giddy that she is finally showing a teensy-tiny bit more interest in asanas. She was inspired by a deck of cards I purchased that has lots of colorful drawings of little bendinis pretzeled in poses. Although she mostly just shuffles the deck, she did surprise me yesterday by showing me her version of downward dog.
I suppose I should feel grateful I don't have Jed's excercise routine. When he does his stretches in the morning he usually gets two smelly dog snouts and a baby's butt plunked down on his face.

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