Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sleep, perchance to dream ...

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Dear Annabel,

I sneak into your room sometimes in the middle of the night just to watch you sleep. I always take a photograph. The focal guide makes you flinch a little until the shutter releases and the room darkens again. You settle down, turn over and are still once more. I secretly hope my fumbling around in the dark will wake you up, and that you will want to cuddle and read Good Night Moon one more time before returning to the land of nod and all your sleeptime friends.
You are growing up so fast. Growing a little heavier, a little more agile, a little more surefooted each day.
I often wish that I could slow down time. But it's not possible and even if it were I'm sure I wouldn't like the results.
I know there will be a time, and that time will be sooner than I'd like and not soon enough for you, when I will cease being Wonder Woman to your Super Girl. When that day comes, I hope you will still know you can look to me for strength when you need it most. I will always love you, boo. Even when you don't like me much.

Sweet dreams, baby.


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