Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sweet, comic valentine

my silly valentine

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This evening after work I did the unthinkable. I drove to my old nursery school (the place where a tow-headed little heathen told me she would mutilate my beloved teddy bear, and where I spent a few years as an adult living in the apartment upstairs while I was making $12K as a reporter - photographer - editor - columnist - editorial cartoonist - courier - mail carrier - layout and pasteup person), and registered Annabel for the 2-3 year-old class next fall. It's only two days a week for two hours a day, but it almost had me in tears. Not only is my little boo growing up, but she's going to start her schooling in the same place I did.
I was practically misty when I got home, and Annabel couldn't wait to wrap her arms around me and show me her surprise.
She pulled me into the mess of my bedroom and walked over to Jed's nighttable, crouched down and pulled a squiggly ribbon from underneath the stand. Out slid a red, tissued-wrapped present inscribed with the words "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" scrawled in thick idelible ink. Translucent green bows and leftover curly ribbon from Christmas finished the effect. She couldn't wait for me to open my present ... which turned out to be a few chocolate bars Jed and she had picked out at The Grainery to give me on Valentine's Day.
Jed still has to learn that two-year-olds have trouble delaying gratification ... or keeping secrets. Suffice it to say: It was a great end to a busy, milestone of a day.

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