Saturday, February 25, 2006

Reach for the sky ...

reaching, mama
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After yoga in Great Barrington today (during which Annabel HAPPILY practiced downward dog, cobra and legs-up-the-wall before running off to play with the foam blocks and water dispenser) we tried to run some errands in town.
It's getting more and more difficult to gauge when her meter will run out. This time it ran out before I could even get her strapped into the car. She was adament about sitting on the seat NEXT to the babyseat. She wasn't moved by my explination about the similarities between motor vehicle laws in Massachusetts and New York, so I had to wrestle her into the seat, after which it became painfully obvious that any errands I wished to run efficiently would have to be done through drive-in windows. ... That whittled my list down to coffee at Dunkin' Donuts ... (yay for me).
Although the coffee was a treat, the situation seemed to undo some of the nice effects of yoga. It was especially disconcerting, since the week before we were able to have an hour of pretty stress-free errand running time after yoga.
We hit the co-op for some produce and bread, and even though the line at the grocery store proved a little too long for miss boo, she managed to hold it together long enough for me to pay the bill. A cashier in the next line offered Annabel a small plastic crocodile. She stopped fussing and accepted the gift with great aplomb and said thank you. She handed it back and the woman told her it was hers to keep if she liked. Then her face lit up, and she said "Oh, Shank You VERRY MUSH. Shank You VERRRY Mush!!!"
We even made a trip to the toy store to get presents for Maeve's party and I even managed to get us all safely across the street for a cup of hot coffee. I don't think I would have even tried it had we been in New York. ... you gotta love Massachusetts' pedestrian laws, a-yup.

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