Thursday, February 16, 2006

A little girl in us all

my sweethearts
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I can't believe I'm still fixated on Valentine's Day. I'm beginning to think it's altogether possible that the Hallmark people have invaded my cranium and implanted some kind of emotion amplifying device that makes me crave sweet, albeit, manufactured moments.

I actually went out and bought treats for my sweets this year. Cookies and a sketch book for Jed and a purple tutu for Annabel.

See, we've been reading about birds who wear tutus in her book "Bears Who Wear Glasses," and she keeps telling me she'd like a purple tutu, too.

When I saw this little frock in a giftshop last weekend I chisled out my credit card from the wad of useless crud I've collected in my wallet and handed it right over to the clerk.

Of course, this story is going the way of the Pottery Barn lamb know, the one she grabbed in the store and chewed on (when she was about seven months old, forcing me to purchase the soggy mop for the exorbinant price of $8) and promptly dropped the animal as soon as we walked out of the store.

After opening the box and pulling out the gossimer wrap, Jed helped her try it on. She immediately began to howl as if we were pulling out her hair strand by strand. ... I put the tutu away for later. If its story ends like as the lamb's has, she'll be sleeping in her tutu by Summer's end.

purple tutu

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