Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time travel

Adventures in shopping
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I had no idea this would turn into a series until last night, when, camera in hand and toddler in tow, I decided to get out of the house. It was too late for the park, and I didn't think Annabel would have any fun at a coffee shop if she had to stay in a seat. It was getting cold so a walk in the stroller wasn't an attractive option either. So ... We went to the grocery store. I thought: They have that wacky car, big aisles and lots of room to run. Best of all I didn't have to get anything so I could just focus on having fun and taking pictures.
We ended up getting some fruit and some bacon (Annabel wanted it) and we also ran around the freezer section with her looking back and yelling at me to stop following her. She was adorable. I had no idea the store could be this fun. Of course It came as a complete surprise when we got to the dairy aisle and she had a meltdown. I should have known better. For some reason, she's always hated the dairy aisle.

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