Sunday, March 19, 2006

And on the seventh day ...

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I felt so tired Sunday, (and I had to stay awake for the hour's drive to our yoga class in Gt. Barrington) that I actually asked Jed if he would mind if I went back to bed after breakfast, which meant he had to keep Annabel occupied. Not such an easy task on weekends when all she wants to do is "show you sompin." He actually let me sleep an extra fifteen minutes from the time I said he should wake me up.

It's strange how that hour and 45 minute nap made me feel awake and somewhat human again.

The yoga class was really wonderful, too. The kids played together well (yay!) and we moms got in a pretty good asana session. Our resident yogini, Maya, dazzled us all with her modified downward dog pose. Annabel is still resisting performing public postures in favor of piling the blocks and toppling them over in a toddler's reenactment of Beevis and Buttheads' hijinx. I can almost hear in her little rambling toddler voice saying, "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE." (She's Beevis, incase you are wondering).

Yet, in the end, Annabel meandered over to the mat and laid on my chest during shavasana. And she hardly EVER does that. It was a good day.

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