Friday, March 24, 2006

Be very, very, quiet ...

Were Rabbit
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We're hunting Were Rabbits. Since Jed borrowed Wallace and Gromit's "The Curse of The Were Rabbit" a few weeks ago from "YaYa," her conversations with us have hinged almost exclusively on "RARE RABBI." Surprise, surprise. Change doesn't always come easily for the little miss, but when it comes - watch out.
Initially she balked at watching anything other than "Winney the Pooh," so I went to great lengths to explain the connection between the clay figures of the cheese eating Wallace and his silent dog pal Gromit and "Chicken Run," a movie we rented during our Christmas trip in Minnesota, which set her heart on fire.
She seemed duly impressed and quickly gave "Were Rabbit" her undivided attention.
"RARE RABBI, RARE RABBI," she chants now when I ask her if she'd like to see Pooh or Elmo. And her response to being reminded that we gave that piece of claymation goodness back to its rightful owner is usually ... "go ge it, peas."
So, after repeated requests and a good deed, Jed ended up doing just that; making a trip to Target to procure the carrot-y/cheesy feature.
He couldn't contain his glee. When he pulled the DVD from the bag and showed it to her, though, the history lesson I'd given to her weeks ago came back to haunt me. She hugged him and said: "Oh, I like Tchiken Ron."

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