Sunday, March 19, 2006

The gift

Sometimes gifts come in very unique packages.
On Saturday Jed and I went to dinner and the movies. I can't remember the last time we did that. Ama and Papa came over to keep their eyes on Annabel, which means they get her hopped up on sugar and keep her up and playing until 23 minutes before we get home. Although "date night" seemed like gift enough, when we got home we found a blue and green trussed-up creature waiting for us in our bedroom.
Turns out that after we made our exit, Annabel decided that she had a job to do. She gathered the "exercise" balls and instructed her grandparents that she planned on "making a snowman for mommy and daddy." She would need a laundry basket (which she pushed around for a while for good measure) and "tape," which she explained to papa could be found in the refrigerator.
Being the loving papa that he is, and after he exaustively pawed through the produce drawer to no avail, he made the dangerous trek downstairs (if you know our house you know what I mean) to find some tape that would help her in the mission.
I suppose she really is her father's daughter. ... who knew such creativity could lurk in the tiny body of a two-year-old. Makes me wish we hadn't missed seeing its creation.


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