Thursday, March 30, 2006

Under the weather ...

legs up the wall
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And driving ourselves up the wall.

Strange week. Annabel hasn't been feeling well since Sunday. Typical cold: slight fever, cough, runny nose mucus oozing from every orifice.
Monday she went to Lori's and slept for five hours.
Tuesday I kept her home because she felt hot and was trying to attach herself to my legs with every fiber of her being. (Also had a run-in with a private investigator parked on my lawn on Tuesday ... but that's another story).
Wednesday I went to work and Annabel coughed her way through a two-hour nap. Yet she was pretty happy, though quiet, for the rest of the day.
Thursday she was grumpy but I thought it was just something I must have done, making her wish she had been born to a nice family in Beverly Hills. Once we got to Lori's house, though, she was feeling feverish again and refusing to let go of my shirt. We turned around and went right back home. She napped, but not soundly and was pretty cranky and fidgety all day. By bedtime, however, she was feeling better and was ready to play (of course). Keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow the boo will have kicked this bug to the curb.

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