Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some things are just too good ...

strawberry kiwi sorbet
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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Ben and Jerry's strawberry-kiwi sorbet is a two-handed wonder.

Today papa went with Annabel and me to the Kidz Expo at the Empire State Plaza concourse. I want to say that the event was wonderful, but unfortunately it wasn't even remotely close. Although it got us out of the house on a cold and windy day, if I'd known we'd have to wait in a line that could have circled the globe so that Annabel could see and reject Clifford, we might not have braved the weather and parking pinch made possible by the MAAC tournament at the Arena to worm our way through the crowds. When the "giveaway" balloons were nowhere to be found and yet hundreds were floating about in the decor - and, I might add, unable to be untethered by the many who tried - I even wanted to cry.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nelson Rockerfeller's legacy to the people of New York, I can tell you that slimy, ice cream sticky fingers (not ours) were setting off alarms and adding all kinds of casin hues to some giants of modern art. Suffice it to say we have learned a number of things about Annabel:

* She loves Naguchi more than Clifford. (Those finger prints aren't hers ... I rubbed them off.)

* She is willing to "let go" of her attachment to a balloon she'd accidentally let go of seconds after I pilfered it from a tabletop display in exchange for the sweet taste of a Ben & Jerry's fruit freeze.

* She now thinks Clifford is Santa Claus: When I grumbled that the Big Red Dog should have been unleashed and milling about the crowd, and complained that shouldn't be competing for Santa's job, Annabel chimed right in. "Ho, Ho, Ho."

* She is more than happy to tell a puppeteer after the show that she'd rather be waiting in line for Big DOG.

* She is not too fond of clowns on stilts.

Although the experience wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a fun afternoon, I can't be a complete naysayer. When we dropped papa off at "ama's house" Annabel was all smiles.

"Shank you, papa."
"For what, honey."
"Foe come see me."
"Thank you for bringing me."

revolving doors

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