Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'd like to thank ...

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So tonight I'll be attending an awards ceremony thrown by the New York Newspaper Publishers Association. It appears I've tricked some people on a panel into giving ME an award for distinguished column writing ... or something.

So that will be fun, huh?

As my parents try to get her to sleep (a feat I could NOT achieve last night) and Jed is working into the wee hours of the evening, I will be waddling up to a podium here with my wonky hip and my clunky ankles to collect a prize for this.

I hope I don't trip.


UPDATE: I'm back. It's 10 p.m. I didn't trip or stutter or spill cocktail sauce down my shirt. I did, however, drool a little out of the left corner of my mouth as the presenter was reading the bit about why the judges selected my work. There were words and phrases in there like CLEAN and ELEGANT and BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I'm thinking maybe I should hand my award right over to the person who wrote that glowing praise.

I'm fairly certain my lower jaw will never shut again.


Anonymous said...

congratulations! I think you are a wonderful writer, and I'm delighted to hear that you are being recognized. Bravo!

Firestarter5 said...

You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Don’t underestimate your talent; if your column is anything like your writing here I think the award is well deserved. If you can keep a guy like me who mostly visits political blogs and web-sites, interested in your daily adventures with your family, something I would normally consider boring… you must be doing something different than the rest. I should also expect to hear about you receiving an award for your photography as well sometime in the future.

These sites I visit are loaded with exceptional writers who do try to draw one in to get their opinions or facts across to their readers, and your expressive writing skills have the ability at times to touch ones emotions as they do but only in a more fun way… it is a nice break from the sometimes depressing world we inhabit.
I’m actually looking forward to reading about Annabels reactions to the new addition to the family.

Stay well, Kcoz

(I should probably up-date my blog account so I do not have to keep commenting as an anonymous user, I have just been spending too much time responding to, and plugging my web-site in forums, besides paying attention to world events)

Mrs. Chicken said...

YAY YOU! I, too, an an NYNPA winner (oh, so many moons ago) and it is so exciting to be recognized, isn't it?

Your work is outstanding, you deserve it.

Can you email me your newspaper's name? I'd love to read your columns ...

Andrea said...

Congrats on your award! That's awesome! And happy birthday!

Gail said...

Punctuality has never been my strong suit, but am I ever late to write something here!

I can't believe Jed didn't go with you! What a proud moment, Siobhan, you should relish it to the fullest. Congrats!

toyfoto said...

Jed wasn't invited. Since the company has to "pay per plate" to attend the dinner no spouses were. Although at the 11th hour they did have a cancellation and an invitation was extended to him but by that time he was already booked.