Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Running in the red

I think I need one of them martinis ... or something.

After posting about the inactivity that has marked this pregnancy, I spent the morning trying to take care of a few dozen things.

After dropping Ittybit off at Lori's, I dropped by the pediatrician's office and finally got the paperwork underway for McEducation daycare.

I only did this, mind you, because we have a new lead on a family-babysitting situation that would, if it works out, be infinitely better than the corporate fall-back I've been failing to fall back on (since, up until this point, it had been the only horse not scratched from the race).

This new option would be similar to what has been provided at Lori's house for the past three years.

(So if you don't mind, keep all your fingers, toes, legs and pigtails crossed that it works out).

I also hit a local discount store to stock up on toddler T-shirts for Annabel (yawn) and buy new wiper blades for my car (double yawn) before I headed to a chiropractor's office so a woman, who specializes in pregnancy, could examine my hip area to see if I'll be permanently lame once this kid is out in the world.

I made the appointment with a coworker's referral, and have been causing much of the office staff to be rolling their eyes and wishing they could be flies on the wall for the consultation.

"I am NOT taking off my clothes. I don't care if the need to see my alignment. I'll just suffer."

and my perennial favorite foible about all things that require manipulation:

"I'd feel much more comfortably about chiropracty (or massage therapy for that matter) if they didn't actually touch me."

Of course after I got there and filled out six forms, watched an educational video on posture and realized I am just a vertibrael mess, they called my name.

The doc was nice. I was a good patient. I didn't say peep when she asked me to put on shorts and a gown.

She moved some stuff, cracked something and pushed on my butt while pulling up on one leg ... but when I left the office I didn't limp.

So I guess I'll make an appointment for next week.

Maybe she can do something about these canckles.


Lisa said...

The canckles are a lost cause, I'm afraid. But good for you for getting adjusted, you'll feel so much better. I was apprehensive as well, but once I started going, I became addicted, and now I think I'm actually an inch taller than I was before. Who knew all that slouching around was BAD for you??

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Fingers crossed for you! Glad you're feeling better. Take care of you!

Leeanthro said...

I have been seeing a chiropractor for about 5 years. Its a life saver. With my first child, everything loosened up and I actually didn't need adjustments. With this pregnancy, well, I have had horrible, horrible back pain. Getting adjustments has totally helped. Only 3 days to go (less if you look at the clock) and this little boy will be out and into the world. And I'm sure my back will be saying, "Hey, what happened" and I'll need some adjustments to get it back into place.

I really recommend chiropractic care. Regular treatments are what is going to help you.