Friday, May 11, 2007

Knock, knock ...

Who's there?

It's your birthday!!!

Oh, fug off!

It's true. I am another year older.

When my husband (who inexplicably LOVES to celebrate his birthday) asked me what I wanted to do to commemorate the occasion, noting that he realized a surprise (or any other form of party involving people bearing gifts and snarky remarks about how I don't look a day over 50) was probably out of the question, he didn't really give me time enough to chant the word NOTHING over and over again before he came up with an even better alternative:

"How about we go to the Adirondacks?"

"Uh ... like here? Or here?"

"That first place is more what I was thinking."

"Uh ... Ok. But I want Ittybit to come, too. I want to celebrate Three is a Magic Number for the last time."

Sure, that will be fun. I'll make the reservations now."

That was easy. But who knows? Maybe the place will burn down while we're there. I'll keep you posted.


Firestarter5 said...

Happy Birthday Si

kimmyk said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was fun with your family!

mamatulip said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bon said...

happy happy!

those pesky birthdays keep on coming, huh?

i find excesses of cake help me look forward to them...

Her Bad Mother said...

2 days late so... happy birthday AND happy mom's day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! How old are you now… 29?

Happy Mothers Day as well… did you get two gifts?