Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's my birthday !@#&! Please send vodka ... or some other mind altering substance

happy birday to yooou
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I really dislike complaining. But I feel I must for the sake of my sanity.

More so than not, my birthdays start off well. This morning especially, as Annabel and I headed off to the park for a little fun before work, it showed excessive promise. All was fine until we got to Yaya's house and I didn't take enough time to play pretend games of front-yard fishing, which apparently includes a liberal dose of rescuing bad swimmers such as Elmo and Baby Bopp. Let's just say the temper tantrum that resulted from my faux pas was IMPRESSIVE.

The torture continued at work when I arrive and find an ENLARGED version of my passport picture (you know the one where if you actually resemble it you need to get yourself to a doctor IMMEDIATELY?) taped to a sign announcing "Happy Birthday Salvador Dali ... May 11" hanging above my desk.

If that wasn't surreal enough, I was informed that a certain co-worker was perplexed that I was turning 50! (He had heard the tale-end of a joke the night before and took the rumor seriously enough to inquire as to its veracity.)

Is it any wonder then that I'd rather be in New Zealand where my birthday would be overwith by now?

The best part of my birthday today occured yesterday when I was "specialed" (Ittybit translation for surprised) by an early birthday celebration complete with cake, four new coffee mugs and about 17 pounds of dark chocolate candy bars.

Of course I quizzed Jed: "You do know my birthday is the 11th right? And ... today is the 10th?"
Yes, yes. ... He knew that.

What I don't give him enough credit for, though, is how well he really knows me -- He just KNOWS how small gestures, such as as celebrating a birthday quietly and BEFORE I actually have one, are the best to get me to relax and enjoy.


Be Still said...

Ohhh, the work thing sucks! You DO NOT look 50... I can't believe someone actually speculated that! Sorry to hear the day isn't unfolding better.

Your birthday mate, Jude, is also having a crummy birthday. I show up at his school with cupcakes and camera in tow (of course...), only to get barfed on within minutes of my arrival. He's got a fever and looks pitiful. Thank goodness we have 2 more parties scheduled... kidding of course.

Mom101 said...

I've always said we should lie about our ages and make ourselves older. That way we'd spend our whole lives hearing, "wow, you look GREAT!" So fifty it is sweetheart! Which is impressive considering you don't look a day over thirty.

Happy happy. In every way.

lori said...

Well, at least it was an /interesting/ birthday, right? I hope it gets better as the day goes on! :)

Gail said...

Happy-boosting Birthday wishes from Toronto, where spring flowers have suddenly decided to bring enough May showers to last 'til June.

Did you eat all the chocolate yet? :)

toyfoto said...

Thank you all for the warm wishes ... I feel better now. I've had two margaritas.