Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oil and water


Okay. Okay. Okay. I know you must be sick of all the portraits in bathing lately, but I just can't wrap my little mind around anything else. Well I can, but I've decided that those among you who are familiar with my penchant for catastrophizing should be spared the full disclosure of my latest fear gone fatal: the annual visit to the opthamologist (yesterday), who checks to make sure the nevis on the inside of my eyeball is staying put and that the family history of glaucoma hasn't caught up with me yet.
It will suffice to say: I am fine.

Instead of returning to work with pupils the size of saucers, I went with Jed to pick up miss not-sleeping-anymore from Yaya's house.
It is always something special when our routines get a little mixed up. Take for instance an impromptu bath before bedtime. Since we also messed up our routine by going to the pub (to celebrate 12 months of eye health with greasy food) I thought we might as well cancel bathtime, too. I mean, really, she's gone WEEKS without proper baths before, what's one more day?
As any good reverse pyschologists would expect, a mere 10 minutes before bedtime she was begging for a bath. She is, afterall, fully embracing her terrible twos.

"Wanna baf, peas."

How could I resist?

Even her protruding lower lip (which made its appearance after I told her hair washing was part of the deal to delay bedtime) seemed just one more thing to love about my little late-night bathing beauty.

What's happening at the other mommy's house ...

clean up
Originally uploaded by toyfoto.
All work and no play is right up her alley.

Yaya, visiting her father yesterday, brought home some toys from her own children's past, and Annabel couldn't have been more excited if I'd left her alone in the big girl section of our local toy store. Among the items Lori snared from her father's house was a Fisher Price vacuum cleaner, which Annabel immediately decided had the magical ability to transform her into "Cinderedda." To illustrate, Lori holds the phone out toward Annabel as she pushes the cleaner across the floor. I can clearly hear her singing "Someday my prints will tum."

"Here you are slaving away and hoping someday some man will come and rescue you from your drudgery," Lori laughs sardonically. "I can tell your mom is so proud right now."


M&M's Mom said...

I love your pictures! What an inspiration. My daughter is my hobby and I love taking pictures of her. Every picture you take is a portrait!

wordgirl said...

Take lots of pictures. Kids get older and are not as anxious to pose for you. Thanks for coming by my site.

Mom101 said...

I would invite you over to take Thalia's bath pictures if that wasn't just a little...well, weird. These are beautiful. Never apologize for having too many photos.