Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm NOT throwing rocks, mama!

I'm NOT throwing rocks, mama!

Ok. Someone tell me that the propensity for perjury is normal in preschoolers. Tell me that your ittybits routinely tell you they are NOT doing the very thing that you can see for yourself they ARE doing, even while you stand there watching, pleading with them to stop.

I thought I'd have at least a few more years before having resort to hidden cameras to find out just who did rip up the phone bill and flush it down the toilet: the dogs, the dear or the disgruntled dad.

I know all parents think their kids are the most brilliant animals on Earth and I am no different. There's a WHOLE Internets' worth of blubbery blob here attesting to this notion; extolling both the the virtues and vices of our toddling wunderkind. But really, I ask you, do we have a precocious liar on our hands or just a normal tiny tot?

Because I'm thinking, perhaps, instead of Yale we should be saving up for bail.


JGS said...

I hope it is preschool normal because our Okapis are doing exactly the same thing and it is making me insane (sure, maybe I don't have that far to go, but still!). How can they look us in the eye and lie? They didn't learn it from us. Does it come naturally? Are they sociopaths (mine, of course, not yours)?

It has to be normal. It just has to be.

Andrea said...

Sometimes I forget that Gabe's lying to me because I haven't told him not to lie, that he may not know what a lie is just yet. Just last night, I realized I don't have to put up with the sarcastic and ticked off "STOP THAT" I get from him every time I tell him to quit doing something destructive. I have to be reminded that I'm the parent on many an occasion.

Then I'll be reminding myself that while I taught him what a lie is, he's going to learn to use it regardless of whether I tell him to stop it. I think it's normal. It has to be. Right?

Gail said...

When I first saw the pictures I thought it was a visual of "Talk to the hand!"