Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm so mad I could eat P

chomping mad ...
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Playing Cariboo, the Cranium preschool game, with Annabel is quite a lesson in patience. Especially for Jed, who is intent on playing by the rules, which stipulate one must FIRST select a card and THEN select a corresponding door to unlock in the quest for burried treasure. It doesn't help that Annabel always wants to pull a green card and doesn't much care if the cards match the doors she's planning on opening. When luck has her finding Cariboo treasure (colorful rubber balls) that must then be placed into into their designated area for a spectacular game finale, she runs and hides in a cunning display of spherical hording.
"No, dis my special. Dis MY special!"
A war of wills has errupted. It does no good when they move on to the next activity - letter puzzles. Suffice it to say, she knows where all the characters go, but she's NOT going to say their names aloud --
"I not know, I not know."
-- no matter how nicely he asks.

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