Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I could sleep for a week

bed heads
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It's been raining non-stop. Lori's still sick and Annabel's temperature continues to ebb and flow. Every so often the cat caught in my throat coughs up a hairball. As it is, every time I sneeze my head turns into a swollen puffer fish and my breathing seems to stop. I can't tell whether I have allergies or the virus. But I know I could use more sleep. I also know the past few days have been pretty darn good.

There's something kind of refreshing about a non-serious illness; a bad cold that sweeps through our little lives and reminds us to take a step back and look around.

Annabel slept nearly four hours today. I think she's on the mend - her spirits are certainly better even though she wanted to spend her day in bed when she wasn't grocery shopping in the pantry. (I can't believe I haven't thought of this game earlier since she loves the market and we had a hand-me-down kidlet cart gathering dust in storage.) My theory is she wanted to hang out with her best friend, binky.

I cleaned up, and waited for her and binky to have a parting of the ways. Listening from the hall outside her room was quite an enlightening experience. Her imagination is really flourishing.

This is what I learned today:
* She sings songs about yogurt;
* She feeds her toy horse milk;
* There's a show on public television in which a bear is trapped under a bush throughout the whole episode. She wants me to help him escape;
* She will NOT eat ravioli ... not even if you beg.

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Oh, that photo. Be still my heart.