Friday, May 12, 2006

A little privacy, please!?!

P-L-O-P ... she can spell
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For those of you NOT interested in potty training, please close your browser window, now.

. ... waiting for the stragglers ...


Here's the scoop. We introduced Annabel to the potty back when she was 18 months old. We were in Maine and we bought one at Walmart since she was beginning to show interest. Also since it was summer and she could spend a good portion of the day running around nude, we thought it would be a good time to practice.

Well, I think she peed and pooped in the thing once each and then learned it was a much better stepstool for the sink, where she's decided washing her hands compulsively is what she should be doing in the bathroom.

We didn't push it. Occasionally we ask her if she wants to use the potty, to which her answer is always 'nope.' The only time she'll sit on is before her bath, while she's trying to stall for time in the hopes of getting out of the soap and water drill.

Well a couple of days ago, again before her bath, she decided she needed to POOP. And since I had about four zillion things to do (return phone calls, find lost toys and clean up dog slime) I totally missed the effort she must have gone through to pass a really, really large loaf of multigrain bread.
I did, however, make it to the party in time to hear her say, "Wow! Stinky POO!"

This post made possible by Little Skills box set: zip! plop! and brush!


the mama said...

woo hoo!!!

JGS said...

I feel like trying to get our Okapis to use the potty has been such an...experience. Of course, two at a time adds a variety of challenges, but still it has been such a lesson in the lack of control I have as a parent. That's great that she made the effort herself...getting them to poop in the potty seems so much harder than getting them to pee.

krista said...

Wow- your photos are phenomenal! I just looked through your photostream at flickr. SOmeone in your family has talent!