Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things are looking up

contemplating her navel
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I think this might just be the week I shouldn't have gotten out of bed. It's just shaping up that way and it's only Tuesday. The way it's going, tomorrow looks to be just a whole-nother set of neuroses waiting in the bushes to ambush me.

Let's just skip to the good part, shall we? The highlight of my day yesterday was bathtime. Annabel got into the too-small baby tub without much fuss, especially since the "You not wash my hair?" thing has been really working to her advantage. However, unbeknownst to her, I was crossing my fingers behind my back when I nodded in affirmation this time.

Exactly five minutes into the soapy fun, at a time when she was sufficiently clean and letting down her guard on my continued hovering, I dropped the no-tears shampoo bomb. I got her hair wet, sudsed her up, and rinsed it clear before she had the chance to get up and slop soapy trails through the house.

you said not wash hair ... taking pitty on me

Don't let the look fool you, though, she continued to splash and have fun until she got even more pruny.

What's happening at the other mom's house ...

I'll tell you what's NOT happening. A Nap. The midday siesta is NOT happening at Yaya's house today. Annabel is apparently too busy trying to suffocate the other toddler on the premises to be bothered with the pesky business of napping.

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