Friday, May 19, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes ... the new and improved, revised Toddler-English dictionary


    "Turn yight off, daddy, turn yight off fo' sweet dreams."
    (In 20 seconds she will tell him it's dark and scary in her room.)

    "I'll be right back. You stay here, OK?"
    (The new and nice version of "Don't FOLLOW ME.")

    "You yike dis? You yike it, mama?"
    (That's great, honey. Now please take your elbow out of my eye.)

    "We get shawshege at bank, mama?"
    (No, baby. We get 'mondey' at the bank.)

    "I'll be right there."
    (Translation: I'm going to stay RIGHT HERE).

    (Translation: I'm HERE, come find me).

    "This has the weary, weary, bad, scary, scary, shark in it!"
    (But that's what I like about it.)

    "No, you fired!"
    (Even she thinks I'm a bad mommy.)


    Firestarter5 said...

    A person can skip from blog to blog to blog and remember not one. Land on a blog like this and you'll never forget it.

    In a class by itself.

    Andrea said...

    This morning, my son repeated over and over "Daddy, I lubb oo," followed by a kiss (or in Gabe-speak a 'diss') because his daddy was out of town for a week. It was the best. Especially when he mixed a couple I lubb oo, Mamas in there too.

    Morris said...

    Gosh those are stupid.

    Mr. Morris
    Ask Morris

    wordgirl said...

    I have a journal where I wrote down all of the stuff my kids used to say as toddlers and pre-schoolers. I thought I'd remember it all, but it turns out...I didn't. Glad it's all written down because it brings back sweet memories of the way they used to talk.

    toyfoto said...

    That's one of the reasons I NEED to get a tape recorder as well. She is always talking when I'm driving!