Friday, May 26, 2006

Ode to a bad day

keys to the universe
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If only the keys to the universe were made out of Play Doh.

We could eat whatever we wanted and never gain an ounce.
We could hide our eyes and whatever it was that scared us would magically disappear.
We could pretend we could fly, and it wouldn't matter if it was a lie.
We could leave the dishes and the duties and know they weren't the boss of us.
We could stop before we said all the wrong things.
We could forgive each other anyway, regardless.
We could take our love and admiration for granted instead of our angst and misunderstanding.
If only the keys to the universe were so pliable.

What's happening at the other mom's house ...

Yaya has managed the near impossible (for me), she's gotten Annabel to wear her hair in a "pony tail" for most of the day. But while it does my heart good to see her in the new do, I'd be doing cartwheels of joy if she'd let me anywhere near her hair. *sigh.

ponytail  ... but not for me

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Mom101 said...

This is gorgeous writing. The key to the universe--if only it existed at all, right?

Hope you're having a better day.