Monday, May 29, 2006

Daddy is more fun than mommy

I'm a tiger
Originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Annabel: "You cay-n't wash my hay-er"

Daddy: "I can't? How about mommy; can she wash your hair?"

Annabel: "Not WANT wash hay-er. I'm all done here. I'm done!"

Daddy: Well, one of us is going to wash your hair. If I were you, I'd pick daddy cause he'll be using a firehose."


wordgirl said...

See there? I would never think to use the firehose line either. Trouble is...he's going to have a tough time finding a fire hose. Let me know if he does.

toyfoto said...

SHOOT!!! We just came back from a parade. I could have nicked one from an engine while the firefighters weren't looking. DOUBLE SHOOT!

Mom101 said...

And you know, with that photo, I can absolutely imagine her saying this!

Suburban Turmoil said...

She sounds a lot like mine right now! She wants to do everything her way at her time. :)

And what a great picture. Those eyes!