Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our lives ... now with 33 percent more color

purple murple

Most of the time Annabel is a play-by-proxy kind of gal. The kind of child who looks at the tub of finger paint with longing for the end product but has no interest in the procedure. "You do it," she commands, directing with the point of a finger - from a clean and safe distance - to the spot on the paper where she wants the color to wind up. "No. Red. Put red here, mama."

But last night another child sat in her place at the painting table. As this stranger baby painted her arm a pleasing shade of purple, raising the marker to her lips and accidentally leaving a mark, it gave Jed an idea. And he joined the stranger baby in becoming her ever stranger parent. I'm not sure if he had really thought it through before the deed was done.

As I snapped away while he pretended to be Bobby Brown, I announce that tonight's bath will be brought to you by Daddy. To his credit, his intentions were honorable in completing the soapy mission right up until the bath banshee baby we know and love returned to her rightful place in our humble abode, refusing to go anywhere near the water.

The father we know and love returned, too, handing up a tag-team verdict: "You were encouraging me by taking photos so you're IT," he announced. Then he made himself a SECOND margarita and went into the livingroom to watch TV.

"Well that's all well and good, pal. But if this purple doesn't come off, it's going on your permanent record."


wordgirl said...

Please tell me those are water-based markers.

toyfoto said...

They are but It doesn't really matter. They don't wash off completely, anyway. She's still a light shade of purple.

lori said...

Ohhhh...that dad! Very cute makeup application, but what a Hoidini he is. You're IT??? :)

Did he offer you a margarita? I hope so!

starbender said...

she is adorable!

Andrea said...

If he didn't make you a margarita too, then I'd wake up in the middle of the night and draw on his face with markers, proclaiming on his forehead that he doesn't share his margaritas!

Those are cute pictures. Purple is a good color for her!