Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The suckiest things ever!

I will miss all the things she says that I have to translate for others.

Currently she has a hefty lexicon of things that SUCK:

"Mama (notice she ALWAYS uses my favorite "mama" when she want's something), can I have the a sucky popsickle. A green one? No, a red one! How about YOU have the RED one and I'll have the GREEN one and we can share?"

Thin Egg Noodles
"Mama, I'd like some pasta for dinner. Not the finger pasta but the suck pasta."

And something that could suck but doesn't ... yet.

"Hey, Siobhan (notice, she calls me by my first name when she doesn't really WANT anything) ... what's this called? Honeydew Sparkle?"

"Well, your dad calls it Honeysuckle ... but I call it a weed."

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