Monday, November 12, 2007

I am deeply ashamed

punched, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

So we get back from "date night," flop on the couch in a tired but 'Hey, the kids are asleep' kind of way and flip on the television.

Saturday Night Live is on, and, writers' strike or not, it's been like a zillion years since either of has seen that show's late night shennanegans so it's all new to us.

Now, if you had been at our house around 11:30 Saturday night, this is what you would have heard ...

Skit one: Ha.

Skit two: Um ... whatever

Skit three: Silence

Skit four: ? ... more silence

And then this

It must have been the absurdity and the music that made this (extremely low-brow) bit funny, but I hated myself for the uncontrolled laughing.


Tracy said...

okay, I just watched it, and first I thought, what was she thinking, then i began to giggle and then laugh, more than I care to admit.

toyfoto said...

terribly sorry, tracy.