Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Written (and photographic) proof ...

There are days, especially when I'm feeling unable to cope with the near constant barrage of questions -- What day is it today? Is it a Terri day? Is it a school day? What's in my lunchbox? Did you remember Silas' milk? Mom, why are your lips gone? Are you ok? -- that I wonder about this magnetic personality of Annabel's.

Although I believe that given a constant dose of our firstborn's sweet little voice in all its curious affectations, anyone -- even the most loyal Ittybit fans (*pointing to self with Bic lighter blazing, flipping hair forwards and backwards ... you know, for nostalgia's sake*) -- would be driven to the brink of madness for a time. Of course, they'd bounce back once they'd had a good night's sleep and a hot cup of coffee in the morning, because there's really no doubt there's just something about her that is intoxicating.

Even the people at the Fortune Cookie stuffing factory can sense it ...

After today, however, I'm fairly certain she could make a Greyhound bus driver take a Trailways to the vacation destination of their dreams. Seriously.

See, we thought we'd surprise an old friend this morning on our way to the sitter's house with an early morning visit and a gift bag full of chocolates. It is her birthday, you see.

Turns out she was hoping to get that gift. And I don't mean the chocolate.

When Lori asked me whether I could just leave her for the day, I had to say yes. Afterall, I am the mom, right? And who knew a babysitter would want to take a busman's holiday on her birthday?

Annabel just has that effect, I suppose.

Here's what was in my inbox when I checked ...


What a special birthday present to have Annabel hang out with us, make projects, towers, "have tea", etc. today! Thanks Siobhan!! Elias is happy to have his ol' pal here too!



Happy Birthday, Lori. Believe me, It was nice to get a YaYa report again.

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Firestarter5 said...

"Mom, why are your lips gone?"

I'm just in awe. She needs her own tv talk show.