Friday, November 16, 2007

Telephone ettiquette (learned from her father)

AMA: Hi, Siobhan. Your daughter wants to talk to you.

ITTYBIT: Oh, hi, mom? Yeah. Well, I had a pretty good day only I had a meltdown. Yeah, Jacob wanted the toy I was playing with and he pushed me and I fell into the couch. It hurt. I was crying. Jacob got a timeout and then he said he was sorry.

MAMA: Well it's nice that he appologized, but that's not really a meltdown, honey. That's more like you were just sad and hurt. That's justified. A meltdown is when ...

ITTYBIT: OOH, MA! I'm Gonna LOSE YA, here. ........

AMA: Still there? I didn't think you hung up. She's busy now, Curious George is on.

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